Review Time :- #IAm16ICanRape By Kirtida Gautam 

Published September 19, 2015 by priyanikomal

Congratulations For Your Debut Book and Thanks for counting me in your “reviewer list”..
Highlights :- 

:- This book is a sarcastic slap to our judicial system who overlook the nature of the crime because of that one fact i.e Age 

:- This book focuses on the “Opaque” side of the relation between parents and children 

:- This book also the societies outlook to the rape and rape victim 

:- If we unite our voices for a logical cause that will definitely make some difference bcoz together we can and we will make the difference 
To begin with, Let me ask you a very simple question what were reactions when you read/hear the title of this book ? I wont assume your reactions but i can give you the brief of how my family members reacted :-

Mommy :- Shocked (What sort of books you have started reading beta) 

My cousin (female) :- Komal are you out of your mind ??

My cousin (male) :- Weird title

These are the expected reactions you will get in a normal Indian house specially when the words like Rape, Sex,Drugs and porn are there in any sentence …Because for parents these topics are an adult(after marriage stuff) and for kids these topics are “secret buddies stuff”… both parents and kids try to avoid these stuff as they fear that it might lead to some awkward situations… Right or M i right ??

 But i don’t want to divert the motive of this book and my review by questioning these “Why we don’t discuss these stuff here” 

The motive of this book is if a juvenile can commit a heinous crime Like Rape,like the person has the mind and courage to Rape a women at the age of 16 ?? Cant he be rightfully punished for his deeds ?? ….Judicial system of our country cant overlook the nature of the crime and the competence of criminal to focus only on a single biological fact – Age…Because Rape is Not At All a “Kiddo stuff”

First let us discuss What you mean by the term “Rape” ? 

Wikipedia :- Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration perpetrated against a person without that person’s consent..

According to the Authoress Rape is the result of an eternal war between masculine and feminine energies, which is initiated by the feminine energy..It might seem that rape is a feminist issue.It is not ..It is a battle for the masculine which females are forced to fight against..
Characteristics of the characters Before the crime :- 
From Aarush’s “Im the champ” aspect to Bob’s “The RK-Ji” attribute, From Budhiya’s unconditional love for Aarush to Aanaya’s “I don’t care attitude”..From Mrigank’s “Not so Intelligent aspect” To Pihu’s Selfless care for Aarush..From Shrini’s “Bro-Code” To Harry’s “Find me a guy sight”..From Priya’s “Flaunting” aspect To Subhangi’s sensitive,caring and trust easily attribute… From Taz’s “protective daddy” aspect to Subhramaniam Sir’s brilliance and truthfulness …From Vijay’s “not so happening family background” To Meghana’s disturbed personal life…From Saurish’s “Fussy aspect” To Vaishnavi’s “Composed” attribute till here the story seems quite “Crispy” where everybody caries some special trait but wait this is only the bright side of the Moon…
The characteristics of the characters after the “Heinous Act”
From Aarush’s Manipulative, aggressive, ego state To Mr. Rudransh’s Bold and right initiative aspect….From Gayatri Ma’s accepting the failure as a parent and Keeping that difficult promise to Aanaya’s Care and Intellectual…From Mrigank’s love for his hero to Pihu’s “Guilt and unquestionable love “.

From Shrini’s standing for the right to Harry’s Perfect spit..From Priya’s “awkward refrained aspect” to Subhangi’s courageous and fighter spirit..From Taz’s Strong and courageous move to Subhramaniam stunning legal pleadings…From Vijay’s adult ego state to Meghana’s “Win And always Win aspect”…From Saurish’s emotional and transformed as a person sight to Vaishnavi’s noble deeds this book is a gripping read

Hits and Miss of the book :-

:- Language used is understandable and simple but there are minor printing mistakes 

:- Story line ,narration, writing style,motive are Bang on but the last part specially that “Psychoanalysis” was kind off too much a heavy dose to digest at least for me 
My reaction after reading this book:- Trust me when i say that, this book is hands down the finest book i have ever read in my 9 years of reading life, this book is the brain knocking, thought-provoking and charismatic read 

Review Part Two :- #IAm16ICanRape By Kirtida Gautam 

My Mommy’s Views on this book :-

Firstly when i received this book at my door step as usual i opened it as the parcel was quite heavy so i thought it cant be a book ,But when i read the title of the book i was shocked ?? What sort of books my daughter had started reading these days? And i wont let her review this book as people on her fb profile might think my girl is a bad character girl who speaks about these things socially But when i saw her so much into this book i being a curious mommy kept asking her about the chapters and about the nature of the characters …She use to read one chapter and use to explain me each n every thing in details and that use to make me awestruck..i hardly know who have written this book or is this a fiction or non- fiction genre but this story made me scared not only for my daughter but for all the girls around the globe ?? Listening to the whole rape episode i was crying imagining the pain that poor girl might have gone through..After that my thinking changed As a parent i can understand the pain Rudransh and Gayatri must have gone through because failing as a parent is very painful..Being Aarush’s Grandfather he want the right punishment for his Grandchild that is what i call A real champ is…I salute Rudransh’s courage and Subhangi’s Fighting spirit..

One more thing i want to say is Why only we teach our daughters to behave properly,why all the guidelines, warnings are for the girls only ??For rape also they blame girls clothes ? Their character…Why cant be give some logical advise to our sons??Why don’t we question their sick mentality ?? 

And yes most important point no matter what the age of a criminal is if he can commit Such a devil Crime he should be punished..
Thank You Author for enlightening me as a parent N reminding me of my duties…From now on all my warnings and guidelines will be the same for my kids irrespective of their gender 
P.S :- Im just mommy’s Translator and editor..

I will end my review by saying few lines :- Our judicial system might not be capable of punishing these underage Devils but The karma will nail them some or the other day…Because in the eyes of god criminals are not Juvenile and Rape is Not a Kiddos act  
Rating :- 4.5 /5 

Komal Priyani ❤️ 



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